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Links to Fan Sites

This page contains the best the Web has to offer on fan made Lemmings websites. The list loosely starts with the best sites, where "best" is based on the amount and quality of content offered. Any sites that stop existing for too long will be removed, in order to keep this list updated. Any suggested sites may be submitted and will probably be added shortly after they are received.

The Lemmings Games
A simply designed, yet very extensive site that is updated regularly. In addition to the usual codes and hints, many details on unofficial Lemmings games and editors can be found here, as well as information on the real lemming rodents.

Lemmings Universe
A great Lemmings resource site, recently renovated with many new features. Updates regularly, too. A must see for any lemmings fan.

Lemmings HQ
A well-rounded Lemmings site with a little bit of everything: codes, level packs, downloads, media and a bunch of other miscellaneous stuff. Well worth a look.
A very neat looking site...that's even neater if you can read German. Either way, there's a lot to see here, just click around at whatever seems interesting. A forum is can be found on this site too.

The Lemmings Solution
If it's solutions to lemmings levels you're looking for, look no further than here. This site has both image (based on screenshots) as well as text explanations how to solve EVERY SINGLE level from the Original, Holiday, ONM Lemmings and Lemmings 2.

The Lemmings Compendium
This nice looking site is mostly good for its walkthroughs and codes, including Lemmings 3, 3D, Paintball and Revolution levels. While the site stopped being updated on September 23, 2000, the news archive and FAQ are worth a read as well.

Oh No! The Lemmings Games Web Page
A Lemmings site that started in 1995(!) and therefore probably the oldest one still around. Even though it hasn't been updated in years, it still looks good and is worth a browse.

Paul's Lemmings Page!
If you don't mind bright colors, you should be able to survive this site. Some interesting little things here, like Lemmings jokes and level ideas. Also includes some Lemmings Paintball information.

Lee's Lemmings Paintball Page
A site entirely dedicated to Lemmings Paintball, and strongly recommended if that's the game you need information on. It's still being updated, too.


























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