About the Lemmings Jukebox

- To play any track, just hit its button and it will play continuously.

- By clicking the checkbox at "play through all regular" you can make track 1 through 17 play one by one, with each playing for an optional amount of seconds. If there's no song playing yet, it will start with the first one, else it will continue from the one that is playing.

- Tracks 18 through 21 are the background songs that play in all the special levels, which are based on the games Beast, Beast II, Menace and Awesome.

- All music was taken from the original Amiga version of Lemmings using and emulator. To extract these files from the swf files you can download each track at http://www.deveria.com/alexis/lemmings/lemmings/music/track1.swf through track19.swf and use Openworld Flash Explorer to extract each song from there.

This jukebox was made by Alexis Devéria for Planet Lemmings